posted on: Monday, June 16, 2014

Heya! Today, I will be showing you how I made these DIY Wire Wrapped Crystal/Rock Necklaces. I've been seeing these types of videos ALL OVER my Instagram newsfeed and I just couldn't resist making my own. I'm a really cheapskate when it comes to accessories because I feel like I won't use them as much as they are worth. So, alternatively, I just decided to make my own. They will cost you almost nothing especially if you use a rock. :)

Things you need:

Wire (Please use a thin type! You can find this in any hardware store.)
Crystal or Rock (I bought my crystal in London but try Divisoria, maybe?)
Jump Rings, Lobster Hooks, and chains (I already had these from my bracelet making phase, hahaha but I bought them from Divisoria) *tip: you can deconstruct your old necklaces for this!

Here is a video I made showing you how I made the necklaces! Essentially, all you need to do is wrap wire around the rock (search design inspiration on etsy, Instagram, etc.) and you're halfway there! haahaha Incredibly easy and straightforward.

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you would try making one yourself. Have a great week! 
Also, if you had your first day of class today, I hope you had a great one! :)


  1. You're sooo cute! esp in the "One direction one direction" part haha!
    Btw, hope you'd visit my blog! Take care.

    Vianne x

  2. Great tutorial! I've been thinking about turning some of my gems into jewellery so this was really helpful.

    Put The Radio On

  3. oooooo, wow i think i'll make this when i get more free time huahehehehe! Thanks nadine hehehe mwa

  4. Saw a lot of these being sold in a-not-so affordable price. Glad you made a tutorial vid, this would be helpful ~ *u*

    Lou of,